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Choosing the Right Roofing Company

We have all heard the horror stories about that person that hired the wrong contractor. Every year people are forced to make a decision on the right company and every year lots of people make the wrong decision. Whether you're hiring a Quakertown roofing company or a company in your area we want to give you advice that will help you choose the right company and thin out the bad roofing contractors.

1. Do your research.
Before calling any Roofer do extensive online searches on the Company name. Just because your neighbor used them or a friend knows them doesn't ALWAYS mean they're the right company.

2. Verify insurance.
Make sure the companies you speak with are insured with Workers Comp and Roofing Liability insurance. Ask for proof, every company will SAY they are or make excuses if they're not properly insured. When you hire a uninsured or under-insured roofer, you're taking a big risk. One thing people don't always realize is that if someone gets hurt on your property and they aren't covered with Workers Comp, they or their family can sue you. It doesn't matter if they are a sole proprietor.

3. Only hire a certified roofing company.
What you save in the front end, you'll lose in the warranty coverage from the manufacturer (should a warranty issue arise). A certified roofing company SHOULD know the proper installation procedures and updates, that doesn't always mean they'll follow them.

4. Get everything in writing.
You are spending a large sum of money for a roofing service and you deserve a detailed estimate. Any roofer that doesn't provide you with the important details of your installation isn't concerned with protecting your investment.

5. Don't buy on price alone.
Don't buy on price when doing any type of home improvements. This isn't to say the most expensive is always the best or the least expensive is the worst. Simply put, it's less expensive to hire a professional first than to hire them after you have already paid the unprofessional.

6. Check references.
Ask for references from the companies you're most interested in. Ask the reference a lot of questions about the things that are most important to you.

7. Make your educated decision with confidence.
Also, be sure to review the company you chose online once the project is complete. This will help others forced to make the same decision. Your review helps the company as well as potential new clients.

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Phil Kulp, Kulp Roofing, Inc
10 South 3rd Street Suite 101
Quakertown, PA 18951

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