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Cost of Metal Roof Installation

Metal Roof Installation Cost

The cost of metal roof installation will increase or decrease based upon a number of factors. This article is intended to provide you with a checklist of questions to ask yourself and your contractor.

This key will serve as your guide:
$0 = No additional cost
$ = Standard cost
$$ = Additional cost

How large is the roof?

$ - When the roof is over 2,000 square feet (or 20 squares)

$$ - When the roof is over 2,000 square feet (or 20 squares)

$$ - When there is detached garage that also has a roof

What is the pitch (slope) of the roof?

$ - When the roof is flat or slightly sloped

$$ - When the roof is very steep and difficult to walk (Special safety equipment may be required during the installation process)

What roof material will be used?

$ - Aluminum or Steel

$$ - Corrosion resistant steel

$$ - Copper

$$ - Zinc

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How many stories is the home?

$ - When the house is one story

$$ - When the house is two or more stories

Does the existing roof need to be torn off?

$ - When the new roof can be installed over the existing roof

$$ - When one or more layers of roof needs to be torn off in order to install the new roof

Do I need to install any other accessories need to installed on the roof?

$$ - When soffits, fascia, or flashings need to be installed or replaced

$$ - When skylights are installed or adjusted

$$ - When solar panel mounts/brackets are installed

Does any ventilation need to be installed on the roof

$0 - When roof ventilation is already in place

$$ - When ridge or soffit vents need to be installed

Does the metal need to be treated?

$0 - When no treatment/coating is applied

$$ - When an anti-rust, heat reflective, or waterproof coating is applied

What type of underlayment will be installed under the new roof?

$ - When a felt underlayment is installed

$$ - When a waterproof, composite underlayment is installed

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Is the wood deck structurally sound?

$0 - When the support beams are in good condition

$$ - When the wood deck needs to be reinforced to support the extra weight of a heavier metal

$$ - When the wood deck requires repair due to insect or water damage

Does the roof need to be inspected during or after the installation?

$0 - When no inspection is performed

$$ - When the roof is inspected during or directly after installation

Ask the Pro:

1. Are you and your crew licensed and insured?

2. Do you have any references that I could contact?

3. How long do you expect the installation to take?

4. Is cleanup included in the cost estimate?

5. Does the quote include the removal and disposal of the existing roof?

6. Can the new roof be installed over my existing roof?

7. Does the quote include the reinforcement of the roof deck (if necessary)?

8. Does a structural engineer need to assess the strength of the roof deck?

9. If the roof deck is being repaired or replaced, what type of plywood is being used (preservative treated, fire retardant treated)?

10. How long can I expect the roof to last (with the proper maintenance)?

11. Will the contractor ensure that there are no nails or staples left in my yard?

12. Does the roofing material come with a manufacturer’s warranty?

13. Is there a warranty on the workmanship?

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