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Which asphalt shingle roofing material typically performs better in warmer climates?

Organic-mat shingles
Fiberglass-mat shingles
There is no significant difference
Not sure
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Question: Which asphalt shingle roofing material typically performs better in warmer climates?
Top Answer (65% of 44 votes): Fiberglass-mat shingles.

Answer: Fiberglass-mat shingles
Explanation: When it comes to warmer climates, fiberglass-mat asphalt shingles generally outperform their organic-mat counterparts. Here's why: Heat Resistance: Fiberglass: Reflects sunlight more effectively due to its inherent properties, leading to cooler attic temperatures and potentially lower energy bills. They also resist heat-related warping and cracking better. Organic-mat: Absorbs more heat, contributing to attic heat gain and potentially impacting energy costs. They are also more susceptible to heat-related issues like warping and asphalt bleed. Moisture Resistance: Fiberglass: Less prone to moisture absorption, which can be crucial in humid climates as it prevents issues like mold growth and structural damage. Organic-mat: Absorbs moisture more readily, making them more vulnerable to moisture-related problems in warmer climates. Weight: Fiberglass: Lighter weight reduces stress on your roof structure, which is especially important in areas prone to high temperatures and potential heat-related expansion. Organic-mat: Heavier weight adds stress to the roof structure, potentially causing issues in warmer climates.
Northside Building Services, Inc.
Answer: There is no significant difference
Explanation: LEARN MORE:
4 Square Roofing
Answer: Fiberglass-mat shingles
Explanation: Because of the ceramic granules, Fiberglass-Mat shingles are excellent at reflecting harmful UV rays, and because they’re made up of less asphalt than the organic-mat shingles. Hence, Fiberglass-Mat shingles are used and perform better in warmer climates.
Top Shield Roofing
Answer: Fiberglass-mat shingles
Explanation: The fiberglass in the shingles help to re-inforce the asphalt in the shingles, while organic shingles will get hot and goodie which in turn makes them more susceptible to falling apart.
Centennial Home Improvement,LLC
Answer: Fiberglass-mat shingles
Explanation: Asphalt will get soft and gooie when it heats up. The temperature of a roof can get 20 to 50 degrees hotter than the ambient temperature. With that said fiberglass reinforcement is essential to hold asphalt flat and in place preventing cupping and shrinking.
J. Edmund Construction
Answer: Fiberglass-mat shingles
Explanation: Last longer
Texmaxx Construction L.L.C.
Answer: Fiberglass-mat shingles
Explanation: Fiberglass seal down better
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: We have not had the opportunity to work with an organic mat shingle
American roofing &remodeling
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