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Is it harmful to pressure wash an asphalt shingle roof?

In some cases
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Question: Is it harmful to pressure wash an asphalt shingle roof?
Top Answer (54% of 119 votes): Yes.

Answer: Yes
Explanation: Do not pressure wash an asphalt roof ever
Cooper Pressure Wash & Exterior Cleaning
Answer: Yes
Explanation: High water pressure above 60 psi will damage the shingles by knocking the sand particles of the asphalt.
Under Pressure society
Answer: Yes
Explanation: It reduces the life span of the roof.
Amazing 20/20 Services
Answer: No
Explanation: Only if you use a soft wash method.
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Chemical application is the proper way to do it while using low pressure to know the moss off. But even low pressure can cause damage to shingles.
Prestige Power Washing, LLC
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Pressure washing an asphalt roof will take years off the life of it.
M&E Power Washing
Answer: Yes
Explanation: If not done right it can destroy your shingles that's why I only do soft chemical wash to preserve it and get rid of mold, and dirt off of your roof
Professional Pressure Washing
Answer: No
Explanation: Because the pressure washing strips the granules from asphalt shingles, which reduce years off the roof like span. Striping the granules reduce's ability to protect the home from natural elements like rain, wind and sun but you can soft wash the roof.
J & R Mobile Pressure Washing, LLC.
Answer: No
Explanation: unless there is a crack or seam that is in the asphalt.
Stick's Pressure Washing
Answer: Yes
Explanation: It will destroy the lifespan of your roof and you can be seriously hurt if you try to wash it.
Wildcat Pressure Washing
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Even if the shingles don't fly off, I would bet money that the warranty for the roof will be void after that stunt.
Elite Window Washing
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Sure, it's tempting to want to get any moss, algae, dirt, etc. off of your roofing shingles. But pressure washing your asphalt roof will do more harm than good. ... The damage caused by pressure washing is not immediately noticeable. Pressure washing strips the granules from asphalt shingles.
Pro Clean
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Porter’s Powerwashing currently does not offer roof cleaning.
Porter’s Powerwashing
Answer: Yes
Explanation: High pressure should never be used on an asphalt shingle roof, or any other type of roof. Using high pressure can remove the aggregate from the asphalt shingle leaving them unprotected from the elements. Using pressure on roofing materials is a sure way to cause decrease the life of your roof and could cause leaking. If you have a roof that has growth on it like moss, algae or lichen these can be safety removed with proven soft washing processes that can be done safely from the ground or a ladder.
Touchstone Exteriors, LLC
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Can affect the integrity of the roof
Hood Technologies Fire Safety I nc
Answer: Yes
Explanation: High pressure will remove the granular's within the asphalt, I would not recommend it.
AAA Power Washers Inc.
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: I do not recommend pressure washing because of the possibility of accelerated granule loss.
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: Depends on the age of material
Hallelujah mobile detail & pressure washing
Answer: Unsure
Explanation: I Don't Do Roofs At The Present Time
DDJ Mobile Pressure Washing and Car Washing, Detailing inc.
Answer: No
Explanation: There's really no need to pressure wash, if anything a quick patching and sweeping is all it takes.
Answer: No
Explanation: Not using lower pressures
Answer: No
Explanation: mildew and grime build up and roof wears out quicker
Answer: Yes
Explanation: it will tear off the texture and void warranty
Nutley Power Wash
Answer: Yes
Explanation: NEVER PRESSURE WASH A ASPHALT ROOF !! Only soft wash method should be allowed !!
Building Wash NC
Answer: In some cases
Explanation: If shingles are brittle
Answer: No
Explanation: Vary carfuly
Garys deck
Answer: No
Explanation: low sweeping presher
Artios Painting 309 788 9432
Answer: Yes
Explanation: The pressure can remove the protective granules
Mallett Pro Wash
Answer: Yes
Explanation: We dont
Temple Painting
Answer: Yes
Explanation: We do not pressure wash roofs; we only soft wash roofs.
5 Star Property Maintenance & Pressure Washing, LLC
Answer: No
Explanation: if done properly
G M M Property Inspections
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Soft washing is always the best way to clean a roof.
Sunshine Business Group LLC
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Pressure washing an asphalt shingle will lessen the life expectancy of a shingle as you end up removing roofing granules when you pressure wash
American roofing &remodeling
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